2016 [2017 DETAILS ARCHITECTURE ANNUAL 2] A&C publishing (KOR)

"House in Hyogo" is published.


"House in Hyogo" is published.

2016 [DESIGNER'S FILE 2016] (Colors inc.)

Shogo ARATANI / Shogo ARATANI Architect & Associates

2015 [Jutaku: Japanese Houses] Phaidon Press (UK)

"House in Hyogo" and "KRAMPON" is published.

2015 [Concrete:Pure,Strong,Surprising] Braun (GER)

"House in Hyogo" is published.

International Design Awards 2014

"KRAMPON" has received a Honorable Mention in IDA 2014

2014 Sumai no sekkei no,11/12, Fuso-sha(JPN)

"Town house in Sawaragicho" was published.

Architizer A+Awards

"House in Hyogo" has received a Special Mention in the Architizer A+ Awards
for the Typology Categories | Residential: Residential Low Rise (1-4 Floors) category.

2014 Green Friendly House No.181(KOR)

"KRAMPON"was published.

2014 GRAND DESIGNS no.121 (UK)

"House in Hyogo" was published.

2013 The Big Issue Taiwan no.45(TPE)

"House in Hyogo" was published.

2013 jt no.330, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

The interview of "KRAMPON"is published in"essay: Reading of a residence".
A criticism person is Fumi Aso.

2013 jt no.326, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

"KRAMPON"was published.

2013 jt no.323, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

"House in Tendai"was published.

2012 cafe sweets no.141, Shibata shoten(JPN)

"riziere"was published.

2012 jt no.318, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

column : furniture designed by architect --- stool for H

Town house in Sawaragicho is published on ja+u.

2012 jt no.316, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

"Town House in Sawaragicho
"was published.

EXHIBITION : [ ISU100TEN ] at design & art event : TSUMUTENKAKU
[ H stool ] Shogo Aratani × Tomoyuki Maeda

Date : 26 May 2012 --- 27 May 2012
Place : Gate of Spa World

2012 jt no.314, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

essay : The view of understanding houses ---Interview of "Hakusuiso"

2012 jt no.311, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

"TUTANAGA HOUSE"was published.

2011 [SUBLIME] ,Die Gestalten Verlag(GER)

"Tutanaga House", "TRAPEZOID"are published.

2011 MY HOME 100 selections vol.9, Fuso-sha(JPN)

"House in MIYAYAMADAI"is published.

Catalog of Architects in Kansai vol.6 (JIA-KINKI)(JPN)

"House in MIYAYAMADAI"is published.

EXHIBITION : [111 Days Before] EAST-EAST3
Date : 29 JUN - 01JUN 2011
Place : Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery

「House in MIYAYAMADAI」 is published on goooood

2008 Casa Di issue 49 (designdiffusion.com)(ITA)

"TRAPEZOID" is published.

"Tutanaga House" & "House in MIYAYAMADAI" are published on designboom .

EXHIBITION : Observations on Japanese Architects
Date : 30 OCT - 30 AUG 2010
Place : MODA(Museum of Design Atlanta)

Observations on Japanese Architects hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This exhibition, curated by Argentine designers Norberto Feal and Anabella Gatto, is dedicated to the presentation of emerging Japanese architects and their work. The multi-media exhibition celebrates experimental and innovative methodologies undertaken in recent years. The observations are present through the grouping of projects into three typologies: "white/black", "skin/metal", and "classical/monstrous".

2010 THE ARCHITECTS NEWS no.5558, Busan association of architects(KOR)

"House in MIYAYAMADAI" was published.

2010 Kenchikujin no.554, Osaka association of architects(JPN)

"House in MIYAYAMADAI" was published.

2010 Sumai no sekkei no.628, Fuso-sha(JPN)

"House in MIYAYAMADAI" was published.


"House in MIYAYAMADAI" was published.

"House in MIYAYAMADAI" was added to "WORKS".
"SA-8(TRAPEZOID-original sofa)" was added to "WORKS".


09-13 OCT 2009 [International Pusan architectural cultural festival]

Date : 09 OCT 2009 16:00-19:00

EXHIBITION : Antipodas:arquitectura japonesa desde miradas argentinas
Date : 14-19 SEP 2009

2009 MY HOME 100 selections vol.5, Fuso-sha(JPN)

"TRAPEZOID" is published.

"Tall emblem structure for Za'abeel Park in Dubai" was added to "WORKS".

The 55th architectural contest in Osaka
Award : Encouragement prize
works : "TRAPEZOID"

2009 Jutakukenchiku no.408, Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyusha(JPN)

"K HOUSE" was published.
The talk with Masahiro Takasago was published.

"Design proposal of The civic hall in Kashiwazaki" was added to "WORKS".

"K HOUSE" was added to "WORKS".

"The observation platform on Mt.Rokko" was added to "WORKS".

JIA KINKI U-40 design competition「The observation platform on Mt.Rokko」

Our idea was chosen as one of honourable mentions.

2008 [STRIKE A POSE] ,Die Gestalten Verlag(GER)

"TRAPEZOID" was published.

2008 architecture technology design no.167(中国建筑設計研究院)(CHN)

"TRAPEZOID" was published.


"TRAPEZOID" was published.

2008 New sumai no sekkei no.607, Fuso-sha(JPN)

"TRAPEZOID" was published.

Award : The 3rd "Kansai new architect of the year award" (JIA Kinki)
works : "TRAPEZOID".

The winning commemoration symposium is held.
Date :13th of May, 2008 ,18:30 - 20:45
Place : Osaka cent. public hall , main conference room , B1F
Please ask JIA Kinki details.

2008 jt no.262, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

"TRAPEZOID" was published.

2008 Jutakukenchiku no.394, Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyusha(JPN)

"TRAPEZOID" was published.
The talk with Seiji Nii was published.

sumai-net kansai vol.9, Zanet(JPN)

"Atelier in Yao" was published in the feature "Lighting design for which space is created by light and shadow".

The application idea of "The official competition of the Architecture and Design Festival[The Golden Capital] : Summer A+D Pavilion was added to "WORKS".

Golden Capital 2007

"TRAPEZOID HOUSE" was added to "WORKS".

2007.12 The homepage was renewed.

"Tsurumi geary" was added to "WORKS".


The application idea of "Copenhargen Carlsberg site international idea competition" was added to "WORKS".

Carlsberg competition site
Our application idea is No191.

2007 Architectural Journal no.1120, Architectural Journal(JPN)

The interview was received in the feature 'Do not call, "Lost generation"' by the challenge of one's thirties.

"CELL STOOL" exhibited in "Tokyo designer's week 2006" is introduced in the web gallery of Tokyo-art info.

It is introduced also on the site of JDN.

※The code that crosses in the photograph is the one for fixation.

2006 memo no.76, World Photo Press(JPN)

Shogo Aratani received the interview in Architect Interview"Architect interview that hopes to meet as client".

2006 Jutakukenchiku no.373, Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyusha(JPN)

"House in Shinkitajima" and "House in Kizuyama" were taken up in the feature "Quality of the living space decided with furniture".

2006 jt no.238, Shinkentiku-sha(JPN)

"Atelier in HIUNA" was published in the feature article "House with workspace".

2005 jt no.227, Shinkenchiku-sha(JPN)

"Atelier in HIUNA" was published.